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Public Law

Interaction with state and local governments is often associated with great stress for business and individuals. Decisions made by the public administration and its actions are often misunderstanding, and sometimes completely illegal.

Entrust the interaction with Russian state (municipal) authorities to professionals!

We make sure that the rights and interests of our clients in the field of Public Law are carefully observed and protected, and in case of violation, we take all necessary measures to restore the law as soon as possible.

Legal Services within the Practice of Public Law

  • representation and protection of interests in Russian state bodies and local self-government bodies;

  • appeal of actions (inaction) of state and municipal bodies;

  • challenging regulations of state and municipal authorities;

  • support of business in cooperation with state and local authorities;

  • assistance in obtaining licenses, certificates and other permits;

  • protection of interests during business inspections;

  • challenging fines, other sanctions of state and municipal authorities;

  • protection of fundamental (constitutional) rights;

  • representation of interests in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, as well as in administrative proceedings.

* - the presented list of services is only for informational purposes and is not exhaustive. For more information about the possibility of providing specific services, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.