Sergey Milutin

Managing Partner,

Attorney (Advocate), Mediator,

Dipl.-Jur. (MGU, Russia)




+7 (495) 198-04-00 (ext. 901)

Russian, German, English, Czech, Italian, Serbo-Croatian

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Sergey is a specialist in Russian and German civil, business and public law. Over the years, he successfully advises and represents the interests of business, including large international corporations, as well as private clients in Russian courts and commercial arbitration. He is also professional mediator. 

He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU) (diploma with Honours), studied German law at the University of Regensburg and at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen. He completed his doctoral program (Promotion) at the University of Regensburg.


Sergey perfectly combines the qualification as an expert in substantive law (especially business and civil law) with the skills of legal defense and dispute resolution. He won in the most difficult court cases, including disputes that affect not only Russian, but also German law. He is recognized by various international legal ratings, including BestLawyers, as one of the best lawyers in Russia in the Dispute Resolution.

Doctorate (Postgraduate)

  • University of Regensburg (Germany), Doctoral programme (Dr. jur.), Department of Public Law

Postgraduate Education

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Law, Doctoral programme, Department of Business Law

Graduate School (Diploma with Honours)

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Law (Diploma with Honours), specialization in Civil and Business Law

Additional Education

  • Russian Academy for Advocacy and Notaries, Mediation Course;

  • School of German Law (DSG) by the University of Regensburg (Germany);

  • Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (Germany);

  • University of Salzburg (Austria), Summer School of International Law;

  • University of Regensburg (Germany), IT education;

  • Additional education Bohemicum (Czech language, culture and interdisciplinary competence).

Representative Experience
  • Representation of interests of a large American corporation - manufacturer and distributor of electronics, in the case of the recovery of payment for delivered goods, starting from the first instance to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Settlement of a dispute under German law with full satisfaction of a client's requirements;

  • Legal support for the construction of the main gas pipeline of the largest Russian gas company, commissioning of facilities;

  • Legal advising a Russian representative office of an American concern on business, corporate, contract law, regulatory law (including sanctions issues) and dispute resolution;

  • Legal support of the merger (M&A) transaction of a largest Russian transport and logistics company;

  • Legal advising and judicial representation of private clients (including TOP managers of major international corporations) on family law issues, including inheritance planning, divorce settlement and division of jointly acquired property (including division of business and foreign assets) and dispute resolution related to children.

  • Moscow Bar Association;

  • Association of Lawyers of Russia

  • German-Russian Lawyers' Association (DRJV)

  • Expert Panel - The LawReviews (London, UK)

  • DIS 40

  • Young Institute of Modern Arbitration

Награды и признание


Recognition by the international lawyers rating The BestLawyers in Litigation 


Diploma of the winner of the competition among lawyers in the field of energy of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation


Certificate of Merit of the Association of Lawyers of Russia

Scientific Activities
  • Head of the Energy Law Working Group of the German-Russian Lawyers Association (DRJV);

  • Editor and author of several paragraphs of the book "Energy Law of Russia and Germany: a comparative legal study" (2nd edition, edited by F.J. Säcker, P.G Lakhno, Berlin / Moscow);

  • Author of more than twenty scientific publications in Russian and German languages on the issues of Energy, Banking, Information, Business Law in the leading scientific and practical publications;

  • Participant of many Russian and international scientific conferences.

  • Energy security: European and Russian legal approaches (part 2) // Legal Energy Forum. No 1. 2019. pp. 46-51;

  • Energy Security: the Legal Approaches in Europe and in Russia (part 2) // Energy Law Forum. No 1.2019. pp. 96-100;

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  • Energy Security: the Legal Approaches in Europe and in Russia // Energy Law Forum. No. 3. 2018. pp. 93-99;

  • Problems of Legal Regulation for Development of Distributed (Small-Scale) Energy in the Russian Federation // Energy Law Forum. No. 1. 2018. pp. 88-94;

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