Стулья для зала суда

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution in Russia is one of the most sought-after areas of legal services. It's here that various areas of civilian turnover come together, ranging from a simple loan to complex multi-stage financial leasing or bankruptcy procedures. All this requires high legal qualifications.


Our team of lawyers has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many categories of cases, including disputes from loan agreements, sales, supplies, leases, leasing, power supply, and bankruptcy cases.


In recent years, lawyers of SKS Confidence have successfully defended the interests of a number of large foreign companies in the areas of the automotive, petroleum, metallurgical, food industry, construction companies, banks, IT corporations, as well as individuals.

Legal Services within the Practice of Dispute Resolution

  • representation of interests in commercial courts, courts of general jurisdiction (all instances) and arbitration courts (including ICAC and international arbitration courts);

  • drawing up procedural documents of any complexity;

  • recovery of debts from contractors in Russia;

  • participation in the business examination;

  • claims for compensation for non-contractual liability;

  • enforcement of court decisions (enforcement proceedings);

  • recognition and enforcement of decisions of courts and arbitration of foreign states;

  • advice on alternative ways of resolving disputes out of court, participation in the negotiation process;

  • pre-trial settlement of disputes;

  • mediation.

* - the presented list of services is only for informational purposes and is not exhaustive. For more information about the possibility of providing specific services, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.