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Family Law



The family plays a key role in the life of people, and it always needs a reliable legal support. By entrusting us with the solution of the most important family issues, our clients can be assured of the delicacy and professionalism of the lawyers of SKS Confidence.


We provide a legal support for corporate clients (company employees) and for individuals (including top managers of large corporations and foreign clients), by maintaining an individual approach and traditionally high level of services.

Legal Services in Russian Family Law

  • legal consulting on property and personal non-property disputes at any stage of development of family relations (conclusion, dissolution of marriage);

  • drawing up and supporting the execution of marriage contracts;

  • conducting divorce proceedings, cases on the division of property of spouses;

  • recognition of marriage as invalid;

  • determination of the order of communication with children, place of residence of children upon divorce;

  • establishing and challenging paternity;

  • recovery of alimony;

  • restoration and cancellation of restrictions in parental rights;

  • legal assistance in the adoption of children;

  • registration of custody and guardianship over children;

  • legal support of IVF and surrogacy;

  • resolving civil disputes involving the international abduction of children;

  • legal advice on Family Law issues when one of the parents resides abroad;

  • dispute resolution, mediation and pre-trial settlement of disputes in the field of Family Law;

  • representation in government bodies and institutions;

  • preparation of expert opinions, seminars and research in the field of Family Law.

* - the presented list of services is only for informational purposes and is not exhaustive. For more information about the possibility of providing specific services, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.