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Energy is a key industry of strategic importance. Therefore, the legal support of the organization and functioning of the fuel and energy complex requires special attention. Lawyers specializing in the field of energy and subsoil use, in addition to fundamental legal knowledge, require a good understanding of technical, technological, economic, geological and other non-legal aspects of this industry.


Energy Law is one of the key areas of our specialization. Our lawyers, one of the few in Russia, have expert knowledge in this area, which allows our clients in the power industry to be confident in the high level of services provided and the quality of the proposed solutions.


  • legal support of the activities of energy companies throughout the production chain in the power industry (generation, networks, distribution, sales);

  • legal support of transactions in the wholesale and retail electricity and capacity markets;

  • contractual work in the energy sector;

  • settlement of disputes, representing the interests of energy companies in courts and state bodies;

  • representation of energy companies in state and municipal bodies, including on the issues of regulation (issuing licenses, permits, etc.);

  • legal support of investment projects, projects for the sale, purchase, construction of energy facilities, including facilities operating on the basis of renewable energy sources;

  • legal support of small (distributed) generation facilities;

  • legal support of corporate procedures, including M & A, restructuring in the electric power industry;

  • competition law in the field of energy;

  • antitrust disputes and tariff regulation in the energy sector, issues of non-discriminatory access;

  • legal support on issues of environmental regulation and environmental protection, energy conservation;

  • consumer protection in the field of energy;

  • preparation of legal opinions and memorandums on energy law issues;

  • scientific work in the field of Energy Law.

* - the presented list of services is only for informational purposes and is not exhaustive. For more information about the possibility of providing specific services, please contact us in the most convenient way for you.